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About Outreach

This integration is connected via API. Go here to learn how to connect to Outreach via Salesforce.

Your Outreach calls are now analyzed by Gong, helping you transform your team into quota-shattering super sellers.

If you think about it, there are two ways to generate more revenue:

More sales conversations Better sales conversations Outreach’s customer engagement platform does a world-class job of getting you more conversations.

Having better conversations is where Gong helps you, together completing the entire puzzle of sales effectiveness.

Nail Your Next Call With The Last One At Your Fingertips

With the list of previous calls served up on the Accounts page in Outreach, you’ll have the power to make every call as if your last one just ended. Clicking on one of these recent calls will bring you into Gong.io where you can zero-in on key parts of the call, understanding what happened in record time.

This gives you a refresher of what was previously talked about with an account so you can make your next sales call extremely effective.

You’ll also be able to see — at a glance — key information that was discussed on previous calls.

Whether you want to display competitors that were mentioned, the number of “seats” an account has, or anything else.

It’s now available at a glance.

If you’re a rep, this integration will help you make your calls so effective, it’ll feel like you’re cheating.

And if you’re a manager…

Connecting Gong.io to Outreach gives you the power to coach at scale, and identify exactly what your best reps do differently on their calls than everyone else.

Speaker Separation Type: Mono Vs. Stereo Recording

Speaker separation type for this provider: Stereo

When Gong analyzes phone calls imported from modern PBX systems, audio is provided to Gong in two channels: one channel includes the recorded Gong user, and the other channel includes the customer. In addition, Gong knows which extension (or, in the more general case, which recorded Gong user) the call is associated with.

In this case, Gong associates one side of the call with the recorded Gong user and the other side with the other party. This ensures maximum accuracy as long as the PBX system records audio consistently across the channels.

How The Integration Works

Once that’s done, your Outreach calls will be automatically pulled into the Gong.io platform where they’ll be analyzed and housed.

You can connect to Outreach directly or via Salesforce.

Connect to Outreach directly

The benefit of the Outreach API integration is that Gong retrieves calls directly from Outreach, which is more reliable than via a third party, and can make any troubleshooting smoother.

  1. Import users to Gong and set them to record before integrating Outreach in Gong.
  2. In the Settings page, click Telephony systems.
  3. Click + Add telephony system.
  4. Select Outreach.
  5. Set the speaker channel to the desired channel.
  6. Make sure Yes is selected in the Enable Embedding Gong in the Outreach Web Application list.
  7. Click CONNECT.
  8. In the Outreach app, add a Gong tile to see the list of recorded calls for your account.

Connect to Outreach via Salesforce

When connecting to Outreach via Salesforce, Gong retrieves call links from the task written by Outreach to Salesforce. Note that if you modified the settings for this, it may be harder for us to find the call link.

Set up Outreach

  1. In Outreach, confirm that you're synced with your Salesforce correctly:

    1. Go to the Settings screen.

    2. On the left, under System Config, click Plugins.

    3. Make sure Salesforce is added and turned on.

  2. After confirming that Salesforce is connected, make sure that you're pushing the correct data:

    1. Click the Salesforce plugin.

    2. Click the Types tab and click Contact/Salesforce.

    3. Scroll down and make sure Calls is turned on.

    4. Next to Calls, click the gear icon.

    5. Make sure  Include call recordings in description is selected.

    6. Click Done.

Make sure a call is set to be recorded

There are two ways to ensure that a call is going to be recorded. First, when an individual user clicks the Call button, they can make sure the box is selected to record this call.

In addition, an admin can also set up call recording for specific users in Outreach.


You must be an Outreach admin to perform these steps.

  1. Go to the Settings screen.

  2. On the left, under User Admin, click Users.

  3. Click the name of the user that you want to turn on recording for.

  4. Click Edit, and then click Voice.

  5. Select  Record Voice Calls and click Save.

After you start recording calls in Outreach, your tasks should look like this in Salesforce:

Set up Gong

  1. In Gong, go to Settings > Integrations > Telephony Systems.

  2. Click Add Telephony System and then Outreach.

  3. If required, change the default values and then click Connect.

In Outreach, use the Gong tile to access account and prospect calls in Gong. Go here for more information.

Outreach screenshots

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