Get a personalized snapshot of a customer in seconds.

About Pano

Pano surfaces key customer data across your existing platforms and brings it together into a simple, personalized snapshot. While keeping the customer data tools you already use, Pano is able to identify relevant information for a full-spectrum view of a customer, unique to you. No more tab-switching and digging for data. With Pano, everyone can find what they’re looking for.

About the Integration

Leverage Pano’s simple customer insights tool in partnership with Gong. When you connect Gong and Pano, your team will be able to easily share a call recording and streamline your feedback loop to other departments. This combination allows for greater visibility into what is important to your customers and a clearer path forward.


Centralized Customer Snapshot

Pano eliminates tedious tab-switching by consolidating key customer data into a unified and easy-to-navigate dashboard.

Detailed Timeline

Because Pano brings in data from existing tools, You can see Gong recordings alongside other important events. Get a better understanding of key customer interactions, in order, without switching between software platforms.

Actionable Highlights

When you view a customer profile, key action items will be surfaced so that you can move quickly on resolving support tickets, addressing billing issues, and any other important tasks with your team.

Know Who to Tap and When

See who has spoken to customers across Gong and your other communication and support tools such as Zendesk, Intercom, and Gmail.

How to Connect

  1. Inside Pano, go to Account > Integrations and choose New Integration

  2. Find Gong in the list of integrations, then click Connect to Gong

  3. After you’ve connected your Gong account, Pano will sync your call history and it will be visible in your customer snapshots

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