Connect Gong to over 1,600 apps available on Pipedream

About Pipedream

Pipedream is an integration platform for developers. Connect Gong to over 1,600 apps available on Pipedream, and start building powerful automated workflows which transfer data in and out of Gong with the SaaS apps of yoru choice.


No Code When You Don't Need It, Low-Code When You Do

Pipedream's triggers and actions are there for you to get up and running with workflow development, but when you need to harness the power of code, you can easily write Python or Node JS steps to customize the output in any manner you choose.

Send Gong Call Data to your applications

Build automated workflows on Pipedream, utilizing Gong Call data and integrating these into your tech stack for a full funnel view of customer interaction data.

Send Data to Gong

Send engagement events, and call data from other platforms into Gong to enrich the Deal Activity timeline.

How to Connect

  1. Sign up for an account on Pipedream.com
  2. Navigate to the "Accounts" Tab
  3. Click "Connect an App" and select "Gong"
  4. Authenticate with your Gong Tech Admin credentials
  5. You can now utilize Gong Triggers and Actions within the Workflow Builder!


Is there a cost associated to use this integration?

Pipedream is free to use (no credit card required) but certain features and usage require a paid account.

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