About Produx

Produx AI generates actionable insights for your product teams from your first-party qualitative data, instantly uncovering valuable revenue opportunities

About the Integration

The Produx AI integration with Gong enables users to extract meaningful product insights from call transcripts, helping product managers identify opportunities and areas of improvement from customer conversations.


Actionable Product Insights

Our platform automatically processes Gong call transcripts in the background and extracts valuable insights on customer needs, pain points, and suggestions that are relevant for product managers, transforming customer conversations into product improvement opportunities.

Streamlined Decision Making

With summarized insights from call data, product managers can make informed decisions faster, prioritizing product features, improvements, and customer satisfaction.

CRM data coupled with insights for better prioritization

Produx AI not only processes call transcripts but also combines them with CRM data (crm data from gong and from our own CRM integration), providing product managers with essential context for each insight. This enriched data enables users to make better-informed prioritization decisions, ensuring a strategic focus on the features and improvements that matter the most to their customers.

How to Connect

  1. From your Produx AI account, go to the Integrations settings. Click "Connect" next to the Gong integration.
  2. Enter your Gong credentials and authorize the integration.
  3. Once connected, Produx AI will start processing your Gong call transcripts and provide you with actionable product insights.


How often the call transcripts are processed in Produx AI?

By default we sync with gong every couple of hours, but it is also configurable for each customers.

Is there a limit on number of call transcripts processed by Produx AI?

Yes. The limit will dependent on the pricing plan you have.

What kind of informations are extracted from the call transcripts?

We extract any insights related to the features you created and also extract other insights which might be relevant for your product, for future queries.

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