About Rhythm

About the Integration

With the Gong integration, Rhythm users will be able to see stats on their call data for any given timespan for selected team members as well as see detailed call information from associated CRM Opportunity Records.

Key Benefits

Financial analysis to help scaling sales leaders in their bottom line expansion.

How to Connect:

A Gong user must be a Tech Admin to enable this integration.

  1. Go to the https://app.onrhythm.io/integrations/setup page, where you will see a "Connect to Gong" button.

  2. Select your team members from Gong.

  3. After clicking on "Get started," you will see the composition elements available for you to see insights on your data.


Is my Gong data stored at your system?

We only store your Gong data for the next hour, in order to give you the best user experience possible while you see your insights. After you are done, no data is stored in our system.

Do you modify any data within my Gong account?

No. We don't modify any data in your Gong account. We only use your access to read information that will be displayed.

After connecting, can I go back and remove my Gong access from your system?

Yes. You'll have absolute control over your permissions. If at any time you go to your setup page and disconnect your gong account, we immediately remove that access from our system.

Do you share my Gong access or data with anyone?

No. We don't share any data with anyone else besides the people you give access to in your team.

How fast will I see new Gong data flowing into Rhythm?

Rhythm will update your data any time you change your filters to see new insights or hourly if you change nothing.

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