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About RingDNA

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How the integration works

This integration is connected via Salesforce.

To import calls from ringDNA, you need to create an S3 bucket and configure ringDNA to push the recordings to this bucket.

The recorded call audio files are fetched from that bucket. Gong locates the matching recording on S3 based on the file name (S3 Object Key). The file names on S3 are prefixed with the Salesforce task ID.

Before you begin

  1. Create an S3 bucket. Refer to Amazon's help article for more information.
  2. Configure ringDNA to push call recordings to this bucket.
  3. There are 2 options to give Gong access to your S3 bucket:
    1. Create general access credentials for the S3 bucket, and set Gong to retrieve calls using those credentials.
    2. Have Gong define a dedicated user to access the S3 bucket to retrieve calls - contact Gong Support to set this up.
  4. Make a note of the information you need for your chosen access method:
    1. AWS S3 access key ID (for general access method only)
    2. AWS S3 secret access key (for general access method only)
    3. S3 path - the file path in the format, region/bucket/root.
      For example, us-east-1/ringdna-recordings/prod/12346789.
      This means the files are located in ringdna-recordings, in the us-east-1 AWS region, and all file keys are prefixed with "prod/12346789/".

Set up

  1. In Gong, in your company Settings page, go to Integrations > Telephony Systems.
  2. Click Add Telephony System and then choose ringDNA.
  3. According to your chosen access method, enter:
    1. S3 Access Key ID (for general access method only)
    2. S3 Secret Access Key (for general access method only)
    3. S3 Path in the following format: region/bucket/root. (See notes above)
  4. Set the Speaker Channel to the desired channel.
  5. Click CONNECT.

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