Improve your calls and interactions with Ringover

About Ringover

Ringover is a CCaaS software publisher and European telecom operator that provides a 100% Cloud communication solution that integrates an advanced phone system, texting, videoconferencing, and group messaging.

About the Integration

With the Ringover and Gong Integration you’ll have the tools to constantly improve your team’s calls and interactions.

Key Benefits

Keep your Data Consistent Learnings can come from the shortest of calls to the longest of sessions. With Ringover you can enable call recordings on phone lines you want to keep track of and automatically send call data to Gong. In no time you will gather enough calls to find insights and improve your business.

Analyze Conversations Imagine being able to CTRL+F in every phone conversation. With Ringover and Gong, you can search conversations using keywords or benefit from topic analyses and summaries in the click of a button.

Organize and Collaborate Make a library of best calls, competitive calls, client demos or anything else your team may need. Easily listen to a teammate’s call and give feedback using comments. Foster a culture of collaboration with Ringover and Gong.

How to connect


  • You must have a Ringover Power account to use this integration

  • The integration must be performed by a Ringover administrator account

  • Integration must be done by a Gong administrator account


Confirm by clicking "Activate"

Allow Ringover to interact with your Gong account by clicking on "Allow".

Then click Configure

Then customize the integration to fit your needs

Once the integration is complete, your Ringover calls will be automatically uploaded and analyzed in Gong.

Ringover + Gong

Ringover screenshots

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