Associate accounts, contacts and opportunities with conversations.

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The Gong App is NOW available on the Salesforce AppExchange!

Salesforce is the world’s #1 customer relationship management (CRM) platform.

With the Salesforce for Gong integration, you can import Salesforce fields and tailor Gong to your org’s sales process. That’s right. You can see Gong insights in context with your CRM stages.

Catch risk early on

Seeing every customer interaction in a deal means you spot crucial gaps. In fact, Gong’s Deal Board also spots them for you. It gives you timely alerts when deals need your attention or when there’s an opportunity to coach a rep to close. If you know a deal is about to go sideways, address risk early so it doesn’t flip to closed-lost.

Create predictable revenue

With Salesforce for Gong, you can see which dollars are at risk in your pipeline across your CRM stages. Gong is the only solution that provides insights you can use to update revenue forecasts based on real-time deal engagement. Understand your pipeline, grow your business consistently year over year, and avoid end of quarter surprises.

Get deals across the finish line

Drive more revenue through your reps by helping them strategize a path to close. Gong shows you every deal in context, and lets you dig into a known risk in just three clicks. That’s where you’ll see which actions are needed. With Deal Drivers, you get a snapshot of how much deal-related risk exists in your pipeline and across your team, so you can prioritize the highest-impact areas.

How It Works

Now you can enjoy unfiltered visibility into your customer conversations in two ways.

Gong App on Salesforce AppExchange:

Start using the Gong for Salesforce App on AppExchange

Gong-Salesforce API:

Gong maps telephone/conference calls between you and your prospects with prospect information in your CRM. In each account, Gong associates each call with a single opportunity.

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