Salesforce Provisioning

Provision team members automatically from Salesforce

About Salesforce Provisioning

User provisioning for a connected app simplifies account creation and links your Salesforce users’ accounts to their third-party accounts.

Provision team members automatically from Salesforce

We recommend automatic provisioning, for a few reasons:

  • To reduce the risk of human error, for example, to make sure data capture isn’t turned on for people who should never be recorded.
  • To save time on manual configuration
  • To maintain a single source of truth (team member settings that were automatically provisioned aren’t configurable in Gong)
  • To improve data security while reducing duplicating processes, for example, if somebody leaves your organization, you only need to deactivate them in one place.

Suported Features:

  • Create users: New users created in Salesforce will also be provisioned in Gong
  • Update users: Updates made to the user's profile in Salesforce will be pushed to Gong
  • Deactivate users: Deactivating the user or disabling the user's access to the application through Salesforce will deactivate the user in Gong
  • Reactivate users: Reactivating a user in Salesforce will reactivate the user in Gong
  • Manage user data capture permissions and license: Use Salesforce fields to automatically manage data capture settings, permission profiles, workspaces & licenses.

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