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Speaker Separation Type: Mono Vs. Stereo Recording

This integration is connected via API. Go here to learn how to connect to Salesloft via Salesforce.

Speaker separation type for this provider: Stereo

When Gong analyzes phone calls imported from modern PBX systems, audio is provided to Gong in two channels: one channel includes the recorded Gong user, and the other channel includes the customer. In addition, Gong knows which extension (or, in the more general case, which recorded Gong user) the call is associated with.

In this case, Gong associates one side of the call with the recorded Gong user and the other side with the other party. This ensures maximum accuracy as long as the PBX system records audio consistently across the channels.

How to connect

  1. Import users to Gong, and set them to record * before * integrating SalesLoft in Gong.

  2. In the Gong Settings page, click Telephony systems.

  3. Click + Add telephony system.

  4. Select Salesloft.

  5. Optional - If you require Salesloft users to be logged in to listen to shared recordings:

    1. Click Advanced authentication.
    2. In the Username and Password fields, enter the credentials for a Salesloft admin who has access to everyone's recordings.
  6. Set the speaker channel to the desired channel.

  7. Click CONNECT. You are redirected to SalesLoft.

  8. Enter your username and password and approve. You are redirected back to Gong. Salesloft provides a token that Gong captures in the background.

    Important: Make sure your user is defined as team admin in Salesloft so that Gong has the required access to make sure the connection to Salesloft is successful.

You are now connected to the Salesloft API and calls will be captured.

If this is the first time you've connected, Gong brings in the previous three months of calls. If you reconnect, for example, when changing credentials, then Gong brings in calls from the last sync date.

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