Send Salesroom meeting recordings to Gong to capture and analyze your call data.

About Salesroom

Experience the energized sales platform that puts personality first. Where conventional video calls fall flat, Salesroom excites.

About the integration:

Salesroom is the only video conferencing solution built from the ground up to help salespeople breakthrough and build trust with buyers faster. Salesroom brings together sporadic notes, meetings and documents into a unified workspace for buyers and sellers, making the sales cycle look more similar to a Youtube channel than a disorganized battlefield of pdfs and emails.

Key Benefits

Fit into your current workflow

Replace your current video conferencing solution with Salesroom and continue using your Gong setup without skipping a beat.

The joy of Salesroom with the added power of Gong

Use Gong's analytics to help understand your Salesroom calls even further.

How To Connect

View the documentation for more details.

  1. Locate your Gong User ID in Gong by either...

    • Asking an admin for it
    • Visiting the team's page, click on your name and then looking in the URL for the number after "team-member-id", should look something like this "5661392999215179263"
  2. Navigate to Salesroom Settings / Connections

  3. Paste your Gong User ID into the provided field

  4. Click the "Connect to Gong" button

  5. Review the permissions and click "Accept"

Salesroom screenshots

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