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About Scribe

Scribe is the fastest, easiest and most effective way to create training and onboarding materials. This step-by-step guide generator documents your processes for you.

Capture your browser or desktop workflow in a visual guide, complete with text and screenshots. Scribe guides are ready to share or add to any tool – instantly. Need to show a new salesperson how to run a Salesforce report? Wondering what the best way to demo your product is? Cancel the live training – share a Scribe instead!

About the Integration

Training new reps is hard, and ramp time is precious. Now, embed Gong call recordings into Scribe’s training guides to onboard and train reps faster and more effectively.

Top performing sales teams are using the Scribe + Gong integration to build easy-to-follow sales training materials — enhanced with Gong recordings of customer calls, enablement sessions, internal trainings and more.

For example, you might create a Scribe to train new reps on your product, then include a Gong video of a top rep successfully demoing the product. Or maybe you’ll make a Scribe about a new process change in Salesforce and include a Gong video from Sales Ops explaining the change.

With the Gong + Scribe integration, embed Gong calls directly in Scribe to maximize sales training effectiveness, decrease ramp time and drive revenue.

Key Benefits

  1. Maximize sales training effectiveness Whether you’re a newly hired rep or a tenured salesperson, it’s critical to stay up to date on the newest training and product releases. Scribe’s step-by-step guides help you quickly and easily get up to speed. Add in Gong videos with real-life examples of customer calls and training sessions to get highly effective, easy-to-follow training in one place.

  2. Build training in minutes, not days Sales leaders and enablement teams have more important things to do than spend hours copying and pasting screenshots into training docs. Win back lost time and work faster than ever. Scribe automatically creates visual step-by-step guides for any process. Infuse these training guides with Gong calls and snippets to bring Scribes to life, adding examples of real customer calls, enablement sessions, team meetings and more — all in one place.

How To Connect

  1. Open up a Scribe Page in edit mode
  2. Type / and select ‘Insert Video’ from the dropdown
  3. Copy the URL of the Gong video or snippet you want to embed into the Scribe Page

Check out this Scribe on how to embed Gong videos in Pages.

Scribe Integration Overview

Scribe screenshots

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