Send notifications about calls and comments to calls via Slack channels.

About Slack

Get Slack notifications about calls in Gong

Integrating with Slack enables you and your team to get immediate notifications about calls in Gong via Slack channels. This means notifications don’t get buried in email! For example, you can enable automatic notifications in Slack channels when competitors are mentioned, concerns are raised, and training moments arise.

Gong connects to the Slack API, and uses scopes to perform actions in Slack and in Gong.

Slack Notifications

Once connected, you can turn on notifications for calls org-wide, or allow individuals to turn on notifications for themselves.

You can set notifications to appear in an individual’s personal Gong app when:

  • Someone comments on a call they follow (either calls they participated in or subscribed to their comments)
  • Someone replies to a comment they made on a call
  • They are mentioned in a comment on a call

You can set notifications to appear in public or private Slack channels when Slack notifications are enabled in streams. Streams enable you to automatically collect relevant calls as they happen, according to criteria that you set.

Connect to Slack

You must be an admin in both Gong and Slack to connect to Slack.

  1. In Gong, go to Settings > Slack.
  2. Click CONNECT. You're redirected to Slack, and asked to choose your Slack workspace.
  3. Sign in to your Slack workspace.
  4. In the permission request page, click Allow to give Gong access to Slack. You're redirected back to the Slack integration settings page. You are now connected to Slack.
  5. If you want to turn on Slack notifications for all recorded users immediately, click YES in the Turn on Slack notifications message. Individuals will be notified in a private Slack channel when someone replies to their comment, someone mentions them in a comment, and someone comments on a call they follow. You can manage org-wide notifications in the Notification settings page. individuals can manage their own notifications settings in their "My notifications" page.


From time to time we may update the Gong for Slack app. Click Authorize to allow the latest version access to Slack.

Slack + Gong integration overview

Slack screenshots

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