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About Staircase

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About the Integration

The integration between Staircase AI and Gong pulls Gong's conversations and insights into Staircase AI, allowing businesses to correlate this data with other customer data and gain a more holistic view of their customers. This powerful combination of customer intelligence and revenue intelligence enables businesses to optimize their customer interactions and drive revenue growth.

Key Benefits

Equip Customer-Facing Teams with Visibility and Context

Provide a single source of truth about each customer across your entire company. Ensures your CS teams capture and analyze all customer interactions along with alerting them to potential risks and opportunities across their book of business.

Tap into the Power of Your Customer Base and Drive Growth

Preparing for commercial conversations is easier than ever, with the ability to share CS led renewal discussions directly to sales counterparts. Our integration also enables you to further capture customer sentiment and uncover the rich insights needed to power retention and growth.

Improved Productivity So You Can Focus on the Customer Experience

Your Customer Success teams can focus on the conversation instead worrying about details being lost. Our integration removes redundant work by capturing Gong recordings and Trackers directly within Staircase AI Timeline.

How to Connect:

  1. As a Staircase AI admin, navigate to the settings page

  2. Click on the integrations tab, then on the Gong card

  3. Click the "Connect" button

  4. Authorize the Staircase AI app on Gong

  5. Staircase AI will now pull conversations data and associate it with meetings on the timeline

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