Track your prospects’ deck activity in-between meetings, directly in Gong.

About Storydoc

See what documents are shared internally, know when a lead opens your deck, and how they reacted to it.

About the integration:

Storydoc is a sales and marketing collateral software that lets you create interactive decks instead of your static PDFs. Built for engagement easy personalization, your interactive decks will help you stand out and win more competitive deals.

Storydoc tracks all of your prospect’ activity on your decks and proposals —and you can see it directly in your Gong activity timeline. Easily see what documents are shared internally, know when a lead opens your deck, and how they reacted to it.

Key Benefits:

  1. Visibility to the buyer’s internal process. With the Storydoc integration, you can easily know how much traction your deal is getting internally. You can track who opened your deck, when they did it and how they interacted with it. For instance, if they read the whole document, if they clicked on a CTA, or where they left.

  2. See everything on a single timeline. You get full visibility into every rep’s activity merged with the customer behavior. Gain instant visibility into all the customer’s internal activity in between your calls and demos.

  1. Get ready for your next call based on data. You’ll know if a lead is hesitant about the pricing, if legal started finding issues with the deal, or if your champion shares your collateral internally as you’d wish them to. You won’t be surprised on your next call!

  1. Land more deals through engagement-based selling. Storydoc integration lets you track engagement and produces an engagement score for each deal. Get more of your leads’ attention by offering them an interactive reading experience instead of a tedious slide deck. For example this interactive deck, “dressed-up” with Gong’s branding.

How to connect:

  1. Go to the Gong Integration Page on Storydoc.
  2. Click on “Connect”
  3. Approve and authenticate using your Gong credentials.
  4. Get back to selling! Your Storydoc engagement data will start appearing on your Gong timeline

Storydoc + Gong overview video

Storydoc screenshots

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