Enhance POC Management efficiency and insights by seamlessly integrating Gong with the Success application. Success can sync calls/conversations from Gong.


Enhanced Visibility and Analytics

Gong's powerful recording and analytics tools offer enhanced visibility and insights into your Proof of Concepts (POCs). By capturing call recordings, web meeting data, and email interactions, you gain valuable information on how your team interacts with customers. This allows you to pinpoint strengths, weaknesses, and areas for improvement in your POC management process, making it easier to optimize your approach.

Streamlined Collaboration

Success promotes seamless collaboration among sales engineers, internal teams, and customers. When you integrate Gong with Success, Gong seamlessly pushes call activities and highlights to Success, saving you valuable time in POC management. This simplifies communication and coordination, helping teams work more efficiently during the POC process. Sales engineers can effortlessly access call recordings and customer data to improve their strategies and personalize their approaches.

Improved Project Management

Gong integrated with Success enhances project management for POCs. It enables thorough tracking of account activities, ensuring you can monitor POC progress, spot potential issues, and keep projects on schedule. With customer interactions readily available in Success, project management becomes more efficient, making it easier to meet deadlines and provide outstanding customer experiences.


What does the Gong Integration offer?

The Gong Integration provides syncing and reporting of Gong calls into Success. Gong calls are automatically logged as Meetings in Success, and users can access these calls from the Meetings page.

The following are the list of details imported from Gong:

  • Calls from Company library
  • External and Internal Attendees
  • Keyword Trackers captured from the conversations
How is Success integrated with Salesforce and Gong?

Success is integrated with Salesforce and Gong through the internal App Store by using workflows of Success.

Does the Gong integration sync calls from the past, or does it only capture calls from the date of integration onwards?

It syncs all the calls from the “Company Library” irrespective of the dates created.

Can my Gong calls be edited or deleted from Success?

No, Gong calls cannot be edited or deleted from the Success platform.

Who within my organization can access Gong calls from the Success platform?

Users who have access to the Meetings module in the Success platform.

Where can I access Gong calls in Success?

Gong calls are accessible under the Meetings page in Success.

After configuring Gong integration with Success, do the calls sync automatically?

Following the configuration of Gong integration with Success, calls automatically sync every 24 hours. The sync cycle of Gong calls occurs as follows:

UTC 00:00 - 00:30

Can I sync calls from my library with Success?

No, you cannot sync calls from “Your Library” with Success. Only the calls from the company library can be synced with Success.

Can I sync calls from the specific company library’s folder?

Yes, you can sync calls from the specific company library’s folder

If my calls are linked to a Salesforce opportunity, does it automatically link to a Success project that shares the same Salesforce opportunity?

Yes, calls linked to a Salesforce opportunity will automatically link to a Success project if they both reference the same opportunity.

How to Connect

  1. Go to App Store in Success and click on “Install” button for Gong application
  2. Click “Allow” for Success App to access Gong account
  3. Click on configure, Select your workspace and sync calls from selected folders or all calls
  4. Once synced, you will gain access to Gong ‘s calls/conversations under “Meetings” in Success.
Configure Settings

Company Settings » Customize analysis » Trackers » Create/Edit » Under “Where do you want to use this tracker?” » Select “API Request Results & Separate Phrases”

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