Automatically capture and update all of your Salesforce data directly from your Gong calls.


Update Salesforce with a click

With Gong and Swyft, you can automatically update your entire Salesforce opportunity with just a click. Use your Gong calls to update Salesforce automatically.

Never leave the tools you’re using

With Gong and Swyft, you never have to record with anything else. Just use Gong as normal, and Swyft will capture all of the opportunity details that need to be updated in Salesforce.


Who can connect Gong to Swyft?

You must be a Gong technical administrator to connect Gong to Swyft

Does everyone on my team need to connect Gong?

No. Once the Gong technical administrator connects Gong to Swyft, it will be enabled for your entire organization.

When do calls uploaded in Gong get synced to my Swyft account?

If your technical administrator has setup the Swyft webhook in Gong (recommended), then calls will be synced to Swyft automatically.

Otherwise, you can view your most recent meetings in Swyft at app.swyftai.com.

How to Connect

  1. Sign in to Swyft

  2. Go to the “Integrations” tab on the left-side menu

  3. Under the Gong integration, click “Connect”

  4. Proceed through the Gong connection on the Gong app

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