Bring actionable Gong data into different channels or take actions based on your analyzed calls.

About Tonkean

Tonkean AI autonomously coordinate, execute and manage your business workflows, across data and people, so nothing falls through the cracks.

Tonkean’s no-code platform allows you to automate business processes and easily connect Gong with other applications in your organization. Bring actionable Gong data into different communication channels or take actions based on your analyzed calls.

Overview of Features

  • Comments, action items, and important key words and insights can now be shared with other systems to feed into your product roadmap, client success tactics or even sales training rather than being stuck in Gong.

  • Customize the actions that you can take directly from Slack or MS Teams. Some of these options include:

  • Update Salesforce fields - update notes, next steps, next steps date, close date, and opportunity amount.

  • Prepare action items pulled from Gong transcript - take trackers, such as integrations, and share them directly with the engineering team as soon as the meeting ends.

  • The engineering team can then create a JIRA ticket directly from slack and make sure the right people are informed of the ticket's progress

  • Send Email Template

  • Get Security Docs

  • Create NDA

How to connect

Set up the integration in your Tonkean account. You must be a Tonkean admin to perform this task. Search for the Gong connector, and follow the instructions to connect your Tonkean account to Gong.

Tonkean Magic Moment - Orchestrate Gong Insights Company Wide

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