Harnessing Gong + AI to Propel Sales, Customer Success, and Product Innovation Forward

About TranscribeIQ

TranscribeIQ revolutionizes the way sales, customer success, and product teams leverage call transcription data to enhance performance, engagement, and strategic decision-making. As an AI-driven platform, TranscribeIQ specializes in transforming Gong call transcriptions into actionable insights, delivering custom AI call summaries, and advanced analysis directly into your workflow through Slack and G-Suite integration.


AI-Driven Insights

TranscribeIQ provides comprehensive analytics on sales calls, employing frameworks like BANT, MEDDPICC, and SPIN to offer feedback and recommendations. This enables sales teams to pinpoint opportunities and areas for improvement, and get valuable insights to close deals faster and more effectively.

Personalized Call Coaching

With immediate post-call coaching feedback and support for Account Executives and Customer Success Managers, TranscribeIQ ensures that your teams are equipped to enhance their customer interactions continually.

Seamless Gong Integration

TranscribeIQ and Gong's integration deepens the analysis of call data, allowing for a more nuanced understanding of customer conversations. This partnership enables teams using Gong to unlock additional layers of insights from their call transcripts, maximizing the value from each interaction.

Comprehensive Analysis for Strategic Growth

From sales call summaries to product feedback and customer success insights, TranscribeIQ offers a 360-degree view of customer interactions. This allows your teams to turn conversations into actionable strategies that drive revenue, retention, and product development.

Data-Driven Decision Making

Transforms raw call data into strategic intelligence, empowering teams to make informed decisions based on trends, performance metrics, and customer feedback gathered from Gong calls.

How to Connect

Step 1: Authorize your Gong Connection with oAuth

Step 2: Provide Your Company Details

Company Name: Enter the official registered name of your company. Primary Contact Email: Provide the email address of the person who will be the primary contact for this TranscribeIQ setup.

Step 3: Set Up Automation and Integrations

We’ll use your primary contact email to set up the following:

  • Slack Automations: We will configure TranscribeIQ automations for call analysis in your Slack workspace.
  • TranscribeIQ Slack Bot Installation: Our bot will be installed in your Slack for easy access to TranscribeIQ features.
  • G-Suite Integration: For the seamless creation and storage of documents, spreadsheets, and PDFs generated by TranscribeIQ.

Step 4: (Optional) Provide a Gong User List

If you want to analyze transcripts for specific users, upload a CSV, or text file with their first names, last names, and roles. Alternatively, you can skip this step to analyze all Gong user recordings.

Step 5: Select Your AI Transcript Analysis Types

Choose the types of analysis you need. You can select multiple options:

  • Sales Call Summary: Get insights into your sales calls to refine strategies, methodologies, and improve outcomes. Call Coaching - Sales and Customer Success: Enable coaching opportunities with detailed feedback and guidance.
  • Customer Call Summary: Receive summaries of calls for quick review of value, sentiment, friction, and action items. Product Feedback: Use customer interactions to gather valuable product feedback.
  • New Customer Handoff: Generate a comprehensive document to ensure smooth customer kickoffs.
Step 6: Submission

Once you have filled in all the required information and made your selections:

Click the Submit button to send your configuration details to TranscribeIQ.
  • You will receive a confirmation email, and our system will begin the configuration process.


Can I select specific Gong users for transcript analysis with TranscribeIQ?

Yes, during the integration setup in TranscribeIQ, you have the option to specify particular Gong users whose transcripts you want to analyze. If you don't specify, TranscribeIQ will analyze all available transcripts going forward.

Is it mandatory to integrate TranscribeIQ with Slack and G-Suite?

The integration with Slack and G-Suite is optional but highly beneficial for streamlined communication and document management. You can choose to set up these integrations based on your team's needs.

How secure is the data shared between Gong and TranscribeIQ?

Data security is a top priority. TranscribeIQ ensures that all data transferred from Gong is encrypted and securely handled, adhering to strict data privacy and security standards.

What kind of support can I expect if I encounter issues with the integration?

TranscribeIQ offers dedicated support for all integration-related issues. You can reach out to our support team via your dedicated Slack channel or email for any assistance required.

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