Tray is a low-code, cloud-first approach to automation.

About Tray

At we believe that any organization can and should automate. With the Tray Platform, builders throughout organizations can easily automate complex GTM processes through a powerful, flexible platform, and can connect their entire cloud stack thanks to APIs. See how easy it is to integrate and scale an enterprise’s growth and productivity.

About the Integration

Gong is the #1 revenue intelligence platform for B2B sales teams. However, important revenue related data resides in a growing number of disparate applications, from Salesforce to HubSpot to DocuSign. With Tray, you can easily build automations that connect your existing GTM stack to Gong to create a single source of truth for revenue intelligence, or make Gong data actionable, by pushing call information to external apps like Slack in real time.

Key Benefits

  1. Enrich Gong Data by connecting to your existing GTM tools. Tray’s 500+ service connectors and connector builder functionality allow you to integrate your existing applications in to Gong. This gives sales leaders the ability to have a single view of all customer related interactions throughout the sales cycle.

  2. Push Data from Gong to external Apps for Real-Time Insights. Push Gong call data, such as competitive keywords, to Slack or other external apps, allowing the whole GTM team to be aware of where they should invest more resources and enablement in real time. Check out our demo below for more info!

How to connect

  1. You must be a Tray Admin to set up a Gong integration in your account.
  2. Drag the Gong connector in to the workflow and provide your authentication (Access Key and Access Key Secret)
  3. Add business logic to push data to or from the Gong Connector.

Reference this documentation for more details.

Tray + Gong integration overview

Tray screenshots

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