Streamline sales team on-boarding and off-boarding with Trelica’s SaaS management workflows

About Trelica

Trelica is a SaaS management and automation platform which helps your IT team manage the SaaS software your organization uses.

About the integration

By integrating with Gong you can automatically add new sales team members to Gong, highlight usage, and off-board staff when they change roles or leave the organization.

Key Benefits

  1. Ensure that your team is effective from day 1: automatically create user accounts before people join your team, as part of a structured on-boarding process. Fully integrate Gong into Trelica’s workflows, notifying relevant people and managing tasks.

  2. Increase security and manage costs by ensuring that team members who have left the business are offboarded promptly.

  3. Drive usage by understanding who is using Gong and why.

How to connect

  1. Login to Trelica.
  2. Go to Admin > Integrations > Gong, and click Connect

Trelica screenshots

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