TruVoice By Corporate Visions

Integrate Gong with your win loss analysis program to automate the identification of the sales interactions

About TruVoice By Corporate Visions

TruVoice by Corporate Visions automates the process of capturing buyer feedback for all sales opportunities as they close with TruVoice, our win loss analysis SaaS platform.

About the Integration

TruVoice automates capturing the reasons a deal was won or lost from your buyers. Adding Gong integration enables the TruVoice NLP (natural language processing) model to search for related sales interactions (key conversation snippets in your recorded Gong meetings) for each decision driver (reason for the win or loss) and automatically identify the sales interactions that were the root cause for the reason.

Key Benefits

  1. Identify root cases for losses and no decisions Clearly see the connection between your sales interactions and the reasons for losing and how those sales meetings influenced buyer perceptions. Leverage Gong trackers and topics as additional ways to analyze buyer win loss feedback.

  2. Automate best practice identification Automatically identify the sales interactions that are helping you win (your best practices) by product, buyer persona, competitor, industry, etc. and share them, at scale, to improve seller behaviors and win rates.

  3. Improve sales coaching with the full picture Having the sales interactions that influenced the buyers' reasons for the win or loss, allows sellers and managers to understand gaps and best practices in a way that has never been possible before.

How to Connect

You must be an admin in both Gong and TruVoice to connect Gong to TruVoice.

  1. In Gong, access your company settings
  2. Scroll down to the “Ecosystem” section
  3. Click on the “API” option
  4. Click the “Get API Key” button to get a Gong API Key and Secret
  5. Add the Gong API Key and Secret to your TruVoice account in “Company Settings” on the “Gong” tab to enable the Gong integration (note: you can also contact your Primary Intelligence customer success representative to help with this step)

Primary Intelligence + Gong integration overview

TruVoice By Corporate Visions screenshots

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