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About Unleash

A company founded by experienced leaders with a deep understanding of the challenges of search and information management, working to revolutionize the way teams find information.

About the Integration

The Unleash integration for Gong is your key to finding important files quickly. With Unleash's indexing of Gong calls, transcripts, and folders, you'll never have to worry about losing vital information again. Search across all your company’s apps to have all your knowledge at your fingertips.

Key Benefits

Top enterprise search built by leading developers

Unleash offers a comprehensive search solution across all your company's apps, including Gong, utilizing context, language, and behavior to deliver relevant, ranked results in seconds.

How to Connect:

The integration has been implemented in a manner where individual users are required to authenticate their own accounts, thereby restricting their visibility to only those resources of Gong that they have authorized access to.

  1. Navigate to the Connect Apps section on the bottom left side of the Unleash App
  2. From the available apps displayed, click the Gong app to integrate with Unleash
  3. The app then initiates an OAuth 2.0 authorization flow
  4. Once the link is connected successfully you will receive a notification announcing that Gong is syncing.
  5. Once the sync is complete, you will be ready to search and explore your Gong resources


How do I connect apps?

Initially, you can connect apps during onboarding. Don't worry, you can always view available apps and connect the apps you want in the apps section (dotted grid on the bottom left of Unleash).

How do I remove apps?

You can remove existing apps directly from the 'apps' section. Just click on the relevant application and click the 'X' button.

Can I connect more than one account per App?

Of course. Our platform allows you to connect as many accounts as you want. All you need to do is go to the 'app' section, select the app you would like to add an additional account to and select 'Add Account'.

How to search?

You can enter the name of any Gong resource into the Unleash search bar to receive results You may get results from other apps you have connected which have resources with a similar search query. To narrow your search to only Gong related results, add a Gong filter by clicking inside the search bar on the Homepage and selecting from the Gong icon among the inline filters that will be displayed. Once selected hit ; to add more filters or just type your search query into the search bar to receive results related only to Gong.

How private calls are handled?

The integration ensures the privacy of calls by limiting the user's access to only the resources in Gong that they have authorized access to. In other words, if the user has been granted access, they will be able to view and access call search results within Unleash, but will not have visibility or access to any other calls or information beyond their authorized scope. This approach helps to maintain the confidentiality of calls and protect the privacy of sensitive information.

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