Effortlessly capture product feedback.

About Useful

By integrating with Gong, we can access the transcripts from your calls to help you extract product feedback and connect the dots to in-flight work and roadmap items in product development.


Effortlessly capture product feedback

Useful enables to you access all your customer and prospect feedback, use cases, and pain points.

Find exactly what you’re looking for

Search across your entire library of calls across PD and GTM to find related customers with related pain points and feedback.

Help PD hear exactly what you hear

Built-in commenting and collaboration makes it easy to share the voice of the customer across the organization.


What permission level do I need to be in order to connect Gong to Useful?

You must be a Technical Administrator role in Gong in order to configure the Useful integration.

Does Useful import calls that are marked as "private" in Gong?

When connected, users can import calls that are publicly visible within your Gong account. Calls that are marked as private cannot be accessed or imported.

How can the Useful integration with Gong help my team?

The Useful integration makes it easy for customer-facing teams to capture and share product feedback so the entire organization can be on the same page about what matters most to customers.

What are some use cases for the Useful integration with Gong?

A: Creating a shared undersetanding of what customers need and their feedback of the product. Helping teams stay in sync without spending time in expensive, team-wide meetings with sales, customer success, and product development.

How to Connect

  1. Navigate to the Integrations tab within Settings (Settings > Integrations). You can also connect to Gong by clicking "Add Recording" in the top right of the web application.

  2. Click “Connect to Gong” via OAuth

  3. Click "Allow" from the authorization screen after reviewing the requested permissions and scope of the integration.

Note: You must be a Technical Administrator in Gong to authorize the integration.

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