Engage more, talk more, sell more, and fundraise more with the leading sales engagement platform for SMBs in real-world industries.

About VanillaSoft

Engage More Prospects and Close More Deals. When you move to the industry’s only queue-based Sales Engagement platform, you’ll finally experience controlled, predictable, step-by-step omni-channel sales outreach that gets you to your number — month after month, quarter after quarter.

About the Integration

VanillaSoft’s core philosophy is centered around The Power of Simplicity – allowing our SMB customers in real-world industries such as higher education, insurance, and manufacturing to achieve increased productivity, higher contact rates, and better sales accountability. With our Gong integration, you can now achieve even more by leveraging your call recordings sent directly to Gong.

Key Benefits

Intuitive and easy-to-use: VanillaSoft keeps your sales team focused on what is really important – engaging more leads and making more sales.

1. Improve Messaging: VanillaSoft’s unique call recording software not only attaches each recording to the contact, but it also associates the recording with the call outcome. This offers inside sales managers the ability to filter recordings by any result for targeted coaching and training with sales reps.

2. Improve Sales: Sort and view recordings by call outcome, specified date range, or by individual sales rep for targeted training and coaching.

How to Connect

Connecting your Gong Account to a VanillaSoft project

Connect to Gong using your Gong Account Email in the Gong integration page:

Once you click ‘Connect’, a Gong window will appear where you will need to give permission for VanillaSoft to access your Gong account.

Once connected, you can then access the Gong integration in the Integration > Gong tab.

VanillaSoft screenshots

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