Get more deals over the finish line with video.

About Vidyard

Vidyard is the video messaging tool that helps sales teams keep deals moving. Record and send sales videos to connect with more leads, convert more opportunities, and close more deals.

The Vidyard integration for Gong gives sales teams insight into how contacts engage with their videos. It helps reps to keep track of how in-flight deals are progressing to get more of them over the finish line.

Record, Send, and Close

Use Vidyard’s video creation tools for sales videos that move deals forward. Keep track of who’s watching right inside Gong.

Track Deal Engagement

Gain insight into how deals are progressing by tracking which contacts are watching your videos, what they’re watching, and for how long.

Personalize Next Steps

Know exactly which videos are catching a prospect’s attention at account-level and contact-level. Use that info to personalize your approach and keep the momentum going.

How to use Vidyard in Gong to gain deeper deal intelligence

Sales teams using Gong can easily incorporate video into their strategy for broader visibility into customer engagement and digital interactions.

Video is proven to drive deals forward as buyers continue to embrace virtual selling. With Vidyard, sales teams can take a personalized approach to their outreach across the entire sales cycle, while measuring the results and impact.

Combining viewer engagement insights with Gong’s conversational intelligence gives a powerful picture of what’s needed to get deals over the finish line.

Here’s how to get started.

  1. Populate Vidyard video data in Gong

Connect your accounts, or ask your Vidyard administrator to do it for you. Once connected, viewer engagement data from your videos can start populating in Gong.

  1. Understand and track video engagement

When a contact watches a rep’s video as an identified viewer, Vidyard sends view data to Gong. Events are posted for each quartile milestone that the viewer reaches in the video – 0%, 25%, 50%, 75%, 100%.

You can find video engagement events on both the deal activity page and account activity page in Gong.

  1. Uncover key stakeholders

Gong associates views to a Deal by email domain. This allows reps to “find more friends” by showing activity from contacts who may not be part of the Deal or listed on the opportunity/account records in your CRM.

  1. Perfectly time your followup

Armed with knowledge of which contacts have watched which videos, reps know when and how to re-engage prospects. They can prioritize followup based on how prospects are engaging (or aren’t) with their personalized video messages to push deals across the finish line.

For more details and instructions, visit Vidyard’s knowledge base.

Vidyard + Gong | Integration

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