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About Vonage

Vonage offers flexible and scalable voice, messaging, video and data capabilities across Unified Communications, Contact Centers and Communications APIs.

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Gong reveals what your best reps are doing differently over the phone: what questions they're asking, how they’re discussing pricing, and what their talk-to-listen ratio is. It then compiles the best plays into your winning playbook so you can spread the wisdom.

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Find keywords in any sales conversation. Gong transcribes and indexes everything so you can easily find that call where your competitor was mentioned or make sure your reps are on script.

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Easily share sales calls with customers or internally. Ask for feedback, tag team members to get them involved, and pinpoint areas for improvement. Encourage team collaboration and help reps win more deals together.

Speaker Separation Type: Mono Vs. Stereo Recording

Speaker separation type for this provider: Mono

This telephony system records audio in a single channel (mono). That is, the audio from the two parties is merged into a single channel, and there's no easy way to tell who is speaking on the call.

Will Gong be able to separate speakers from this telephony system?

For telephony systems like that record audio in a single channel, Gong will attempt to separate speakers over time.

Gong will accumulate a number of representative calls by the recorded user, and will scan them to find the common speaker.

In addition to identifying speakers on the call, Gong will attempt to break down the call into segments, each associated with a single speaker.

How the integration works

Before you begin

Make sure you complete the following steps in Vonage Contact Center (formerly NewVoiceMedia) before enabling the integration:

  1. Verify in your Vonage account whether you can create API credentials. If you can, you'll see a section in the VCC portal called API Credentials. If you can't, ask your Vonage CSM / support team to enable it for you.

  2. Ask your Vonage CSM / support team whether your account has access to the following API endpoints: Interaction Content API and User Admin API. If these endpoints aren't enabled for your account, request that they enable them. You must approach Vonage's provisioning team to make sure these are accessible from their API for the interaction to work.


    The Vonage scopes that Gong requires for the relevant API credentials are users : read and interaction-content : read.

    • users : read gives read access to interactions returned by about User Admin API

    • interaction-content : read gives read access to interactions returned by the Conversation Analyzer API

  3. If you contact Vonage CSM or support regarding enabling the Gong integration, let them know that that's your goal!

  4. Ask your Vonage admin to give you the Vonage Client IDClient secret, and Region.

  5. Make sure calls are set to be recorded in Vonage before integrating Vonage in Gong.

You can now proceed with the integration in Gong.

Set up

  1. Import users and set them to record before integrating Vonage Contact Center.

  2. In the Settings page, click Telephony systems.

  3. Click + Add telephony system.

  4. Select Vonage Contact.

  5. Enter the Client ID.

  6. Enter the Client Secret.

  7. Enter the Region.

  8. Click CONNECT.

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