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About Workato

Workato is the leading no-code platform for building connectors and automating workflows (called “recipes”) for the top marketing, sales and customer success applications. Integrate your stack and automate your processes to eliminate manual work, reduce friction in the buying process, and unlock customer data.

About the Integration

Gong is the best source of data for sales conversations, yet it’s only one of many apps that contain important deal info. DocuSign, Seismic, Outreach, Salesforce, Snowflake, etc. track info that, combined with Gong, create a complete view of your customer and, ultimately, the health of your pipeline. Workato makes it easy for any business user to build custom workflows between Gong and the other apps in your GTM stack.

Pre-built workflow templates for Gong customers:

  1. Sendoso

  2. Skilljar - User Registration

  3. Skilljar - Course enrollment

  4. Skilljar - Course Completion

Key Benefits

1. Push Deal Activity Data into Gong

Workato pushes data from other GTM systems using 1000s of pre-built connectors into Gong’s deal intelligence and forecasting views for an accurate view of all interactions in a sales cycle.

2. Make Gong Call Data Actionable

Build Workato recipes to make Gong call data (competitive intelligence, updated pricing & forecasts, next steps, etc.) accessible in other systems so sales reps & leaders can take action to close more deals.

How to connect

  1. You must be a Workato admin to set up the Gong integration in your Workato account.
  2. Search for the Gong connector in Workato.
  3. Follow the instructions to connect your Workato account to Gong.
  4. Start a recipe.
  5. Trigger an action from Gong data or push other data into Gong.

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