Discover problems to solve for customers, decide what to build next based on actionable product intelligence and create product strategies to drive business outcomes.

About Zeda.io

Zeda.io is an AI-powered product discovery and strategy software that helps customer-focused teams to

About the Integration

With the Zeda.io Gong Integration, gather customer Insights and uncover problems to solve. Build with Product Intelligence to decide what to build next and understand why, and create product strategies with measurable impact.


Automatically Create Product Insights

Zeda.io goes through all historical Gong calls, figures out what’s repeatedly being said, and creates actionable product insights.

Trend Analysis on the Voice of Your Target Audience

All your customers and prospects are talking about your product with your team but figuring out what topics are popular in these conversations can be tough. Zeda.io makes it easy by automatically highlighting important keywords and insights during each Gong call, so you can easily analyze them.

Enhanced Collaboration

Our integration fosters collaboration with your product teams by providing them with valuable insights from call transcripts, ensuring everyone is aligned for success.

How to Connect

  1. Go to your Zeda.io account, navigate to Settings > Integrations > Gong
  2. Select “Connect” and complete oAuth as prompted
  3. Visit your Gong dashboard and create an automation rule, to send filtered calls on Zeda.io
  4. Use webhook URL displayed on Gong integration inside Zeda.io dashboard
  5. Calls that matches the rule, will be automatically sent to Zeda.io workspace. Creating auto-transcribed call notes in Zeda.io’s feedback dashboard

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