Give product teams powerful customer intelligence derived from Gong calls, support chats and survey data with Zelta.

About Zelta.ai

Zelta is built by product leaders, for product leaders. Zelta's generative AI presents actionable insights derived from your customer call data, specifically for product teams. Understand the 'why' behind your commercial teams' feature requests.


Across your company, there are dozens of customer conversations taking place each day. Your clients are telling you their pain points, their needs and what they will pay for if you build it. Unfortunately, your feedback cycle is likely subjective, infrequent and labor intensive. By importing your Gong data, Zelta cuts through the noise, and provides your product team with an unfiltered view of what ALL of your customers are saying.

How to Connect


User must be a technical administrator within Gong User must be an admin within Zelta


  1. Zelta admin user login to your Zelta account
  2. Click on Integrations from the left navigation
  3. Select “Connect Gong Account”
  4. Complete oAuth as prompted
  5. Click "start processing data"
  6. Choose the time range of calls to ingest
  7. Click "confirm"
  8. Analysis will begin


How does the Gong integration make self-serve research easier?

The Gong integration makes self-serve research easier by allowing users to easily find relevant snippets across all Gong calls through the dashboard, and identify patterns across all feedback data

How does the Gong integration help with trend analysis on the voice of customers?

The Gong integration helps with trend analysis on the voice of customers by providing automatic tags for important keywords, feature requests, and competitive insights. Users can use the simple analytical interface to see what's trending up or down in customer sentiment and make sure they're always on top of the latest customer feedback.

What are some use cases for the Gong integration?

Understanding what customers think of the product, its features, and competitors. Keeping track of customer feedback. Avoiding expensive meetings between sales, product, and customer success.

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