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About Zoom

Gong’s Revenue Intelligence Platform integrates with major web conferencing providers like Zoom to get insights into how your team sells. Gong’s sales-trained AI identifies training opportunities and proactively notifies you of risks in your must-win deals, helping you close more business, and develop more effective teams.

Benefit from Gong’s view into reality, in real-time while you’re on your calls. Collaborate with teammates, take notes, keep tabs on whether you're talking to much, and more. See what’s really happening in your calls while they’re taking place, so you can course-correct when necessary.

Truly Native Integration

It just works. Gong’s Native Zoom integration is the only integration that supports Zoom’s native recording controls. That means your reps and your prospects have a truly native experience where everything works as it should, no training required.

Take notes and see them as comments in Gong

Take notes during the call, to remind yourself or notify your colleagues about key points in the call, as they come up. Notes are saved as comments and imported into Gong with the call. As with comments, you can choose who sees the notes: anyone at your company, specific people, or yourself.

Teammates on the call who are also using the Gong for Zoom app can see your notes in real-time and respond, for quick and easy real-time collaboration.

Notes you make during the call are not visible to customers on the call.

Bookmark important moments

When something important comes up in the call, add a bookmark. Once the call is imported into Gong, you’ll see the bookmarks in the comment panel. Click on the timestamp to go to that moment in the call.

See interaction info and see how much you’re talking

Know whether you or your colleagues are talking too much during the call with real-time talk ratio data via the interaction tab. Seeing this info during the call helps you stay on track, and course-correct if necessary.

If you've spoken for more than 2.5 minutes, you'll see an alert letting you know.

Connecting to Zoom

To connect Gong to your Zoom account successfully, you need to be a Zoom admin. Note: The integration will disconnect if the person who sets up the integration ceases to be a Zoom admin later.

  1. In your company settings page, click Web Conferencing.

  2. In the Zoom row, click SETTINGS.

  3. Click Connect.

  4. Follow the instructions: sign in to your Zoom account, and authorize access to Zoom. Note: You must be the Zoom administrator for your company to connect Gong to Zoom. Only one Zoom account per company is supported. When you connect to Zoom, we install a Gong for Zoom app instance in your Zoom account, and ask for the following permissions:

    • View and manage all user meetings
    • View and manage all user recordings
    • View all users' Zoom Rooms information
    • View and manage all users

Enable Native Zoom Recording

  1. Make sure you meet the following requirements:

    • Business or Enterprise Zoom account.
    • Make sure that the Cloud recording and Automatic recording settings are unlocked on the account or relevant group level. If needed, see a detailed guide for the required and recommended Zoom setup.
  2. In your company settings page, click Web Conferencing.

  3. In the Zoom row, click SETTINGS.

    If you haven't set up your Zoom integration yet, go here to set that up.

  4. In the Native Recording area, click TEST ZOOM SET UP.

    During the test, Gong checks the settings for users and meetings in both Gong and Zoom to make sure Zoom recording can be enabled successfully. The test can take a few minutes to run.

  5. When the test is complete, check the test results:

    • Green checkmarks indicate the test passed.
    • Yellow indicates that some team members may still continue to be recorded with the Gong bot. Click How to fix to find out how to correct their settings.
    • Red symbol indicates there was a problem. Click How to fix to find out how to resolve the issue and run the test again.


    If you have a Zoom Business or Enterprise account, but the test suggests that you do not, check the following:

    • In Zoom, go to your account settings, turn on Cloud recording, go to the Advanced cloud recording settings, and check whether you can see the Audio transcript setting. If you can't see it, contact Zoom and ask them to enable it for your organization. It seems that in some rare cases, Zoom doesn't enable this feature as part of the business or enterprise packages.

    During native recording, Gong leverages the audio transcript's speaker timeline information, which is why Gong uses it as a marker in the test.

  6. Your Zoom plan includes a limited amount of cloud recording storage capacity. (See the Zoom Dashboard to view the amount.)

    To minimize the effect of Gong recordings on your Zoom storage, toggle Delete recordings from Zoom once they are retrieved by Gong to ON.

    After Gong retrieves a recording, it will be deleted from Zoom and maximize your cloud recording storage capacity.


    Zoom will send an email alert to the account owner when usage is at 80% of the subscribed storage limit. If the storage limit is reached during a recording, the meeting will continue to record until it is ended.

  7. Click ENABLE ZOOM RECORDING to use Zoom to record meetings wherever possible.

    Whenever native recording cannot be used, the Gong bot joins the call (you can leave on the Gong audio prompt for such cases).

Zoom + Gong integration

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