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Quickly share Gong calls with your customers in context that matters most to them

Have all the context from previous Gong calls in accords to set expectations with your customers

How to Connect

  1. (One time only, as a Workspace Admin) First authenticate your workspace by going to Settings → Integrations → Gong [Connect]
  2. Enable Share Call on the Gong call you wish to share.
  3. Now you can add a Gong call to any Accord by pasting the Gong URL as a resource!


Can I automatically attach Gong Calls to my Accord when the call ends?

Unfortunately, for security purposes, each Gong call must be explicitly shared outside your organization before attaching to Accord. This way your customers will be able to publicly access your calls.

Do Gong call links expire?

Yes, the Share with Customer's link expiration is set when you click Share Call.

What privacy settings should I choose when sharing a call?

Calls should be set to "Anyone with the link can access the call" so all stakeholders on your Accord can freely access the call.

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