Capture all web conferences, understand what's being said and deliver real-time insights.

About ClearSlide

ClearSlide is the most complete platform for Sales Enablement + Engagement that integrates content, communications and actionable insights.

Get unprecedented visibility into your customer interactions with our plug-and-play integration. ClearSlide’s unparalleled buyer engagement data and Gong’s market-leading analytics are now more accessible than ever. Capture every interaction, quickly identify the most engaging parts of your meetings, and get insights to help you close more deals.

Capture Every Moment

With ClearSlide and Gong you’ll never miss an important moment. Record and capture every ClearSlide call or meeting, whether it’s ad hoc or planned. Give your reps the ability to host easy-to-join ClearSlide meetings on the fly. Whether your meeting is scheduled weeks ahead or hosted spur of the moment, we won’t miss a beat.

Find the Exact Conversation

ClearSlide and Gong identify critical moments in your meetings. Analyze moment-by-moment meeting engagement data and understand what content and talk tracks are most engaging. Understand where the key moments are and map these key moments to your talk track in Gong to understand how what you said and what you shared impacted your conversation.

Identify What Content Drives Deals Forward

View engagement data from all your meetings rolled up to the content used. Understand content performance across all usage. Combine visual and conversational data for unmatched insights to help you understand what content and talk tracks close more business.

More Efficient Selling

With ClearSlide + Gong, there’s no missed opportunities. Enjoy access to your complete content library, host dynamic live meetings, and pair visual and conversational engagement insights to accelerate deals and find coaching opportunities. Drive efficient and effective sales motions with more complete data than ever before.

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